Dreams are seeds for the future…find dad in the camp, Myra is dead
My character is a Tinker Gnome Artificer named [True Name censored] Malachi Grimmwald. His story begins as the seventh son in a long line of Tinkerers, blacksmiths, and other master craftsmen—in past generations, legends tell of members of the family building intricate, mysteriously-powered contraptions capable of many feats (including flight), defending their secrets with creative (and often deadly) traps—to the dismay of nosy neighbors. After the Great War, the line lost most of its notoriety since folks were more concerned with survival than beautiful (not to mention expensive) artifacts, and so relegated themselves to foraging in the Shattered Wastes. Using whatever they could find to try and continue their craft, the Grimmwalds live only for the next great Work.

Malachi’s life had been relatively uneventful up until about four years ago. He lived his days working and learning crafting arts with family, gaining knowledge in all manner of Makings. One by one, each of Malachi’s brothers (who numbered 6 in total) moved out, either making their homes in the Shattered Wastes, serving one of the travelling Caravans that made their way through Leech, or attempting to seek their fortunes by serving or teaching in Byst. Soon, only Malachi, his twin sister Myra, and their Father Marcus—advisor and friend to Mage Island’s Veloran Devlin and Master Craftsmen, who kept all technological items of the Island (and the Market, for that matter) in working order—remained. That is, until Mal’s Father disappeared one day.

Fast-forward two years of fruitlessly searching Leech, the Island, and the Wastes for any signs of Mal’s Father. It has been a year since Myra left in search of Marcus, leaving Mal to fill his father’s shoes crafting for the marketplace (a new, unknown advisor has replaced Marcus’ role on Mage Island). The day is like any other—trawling through mostly useless rubble outside Leech, finding small trinkets or scraps of metal here or there, ravens scavenging for sustenance above. One, curious at the sight of a Tinker Gnome, swoops down to take a closer look. Mal looks up in time to see the raven attempting to alight on his shoulder—a rather uncommon occurrence for even a raven. He shakes the bird off before it gets a chance to land, deciding it to be a pest over anything else. Returning home, the raven follows, and a cycle of swooping, shooing, and growing animosity between bird and gnome ensues. A final swoop leads to a frustrated and defeated Mal allowing the bird to alight. The bird, pleased with its progress, alights, turns to Mal, and speaks a sentence of perfect Draconic. As he gazes into the eye of the Raven, a series of vaguely familiar images flash through Mal’s mind. A rush of energy flows through the Gnome, knocking him unconscious.

Two years have passed since this incident occurred. Since then, Mal continues to have strange dreams. More peculiarly, Mal’s Makings have been altered, and whenever he concentrates, that rush of energy returns, allowing him to craft with an efficiency he never experienced before. He is now on a quest to refine his newfound skill, understand his strange visions and dreams, and find his Father.


What Lies Beneath the Rubble banefirelord