Where there are winds to be harnessed, waves to be tamed, and ships to be pillaged, there are pirates. Brave souls through and through, the first of these gentlemen and women of fortune found their way of livelihood amidst the Capill Islands, even as the last shockwaves of the Final Devastation settled. While anyone is able to take to the black flag, they are but seadogs. There used to be more, but in this modern age of pirate hunters and government mercenaries there exists only one true wolf of the waves: the pirate queen Selina Jones. They say she is a genius behind the wheel and demon with a saber. They say she can shoot a mast down at a thousand yards. The few pirate hunters who have escaped an encounter with her swear the wind, waves, and darkness beneath snap to her will. They are absolutely right. I should know. I am her son after all.
My name is Walker and I was raised amidst the open seas. I am 20, of average height and a bit on the lanky side. I have my mother’s frozen-lake-blue eyes, and my father’s strong jaw line, and a dry wit all my own. I keep straight black hair either tied back or wrapped in a bandana. I love fast ships, light swords, redheaded dames, loose locks, heavy pockets, and gold. I also have a special place in my heart for relic weapons. I keep a pistol holster on my hip in case I ever happen to come across one not bolted down (Or bolted down. I’d take that one too). Oh, one other thing: I am quite the accomplished liar.
My father was an elf; and, to be honest, just about the last person you would expect my mother (human) to fall for. It doesn’t hurt that he is without a doubt the most strategically gifted man I have ever met, for my mother, like me, is drawn to those of a more intelligent disposition. He is playful and childish with an easy smile and a quick joke for every occasion. But, working his way up from a deckhand to the first mate, he eventually made his way into my mother’s heart. If you ever ask me of love, I will tell you of the softness of her normally icy eyes when he stood near. She was uncharacteristically warm and loving to me in the way even the coldest women are to their children, but her love for my father was an entirely different and beautiful thing.
As one might expect, I spent my early years slowly being trained in the family business. Ropes, locks, swords, bows, and traps of all manners freely reveal their secrets to me. That being said, I will be the first to admit I have much to learn. I may be a master compared to most of my fellow rogues and pirates. But, compared to my father I am a novice, my mother, a pup.

… Sorry, I ran out of time and suddenly got very busy. I figured getting this to you with haste was more important than making the last bit of it pretty or cleaning up what I’ve already written. So, I shall just bullet the rest of the information about my character. A thousand pardons for all the grammatical mistakes I am sure what I have already written has.
-revenge (government official from leech hired a group of mercenaries to torture to death my father. They crippled him before my mother found them and massacred them. In her rage she left only one clinging to life, and even he only lasted long enough to spit, say a prayer, and curse my father for not dying quicker. My father, a man who loves the sea, is land-ridden and I have come to do the same to the person responsible. I am looking for any leads as to who the official was. When I find him I will find what he holds most precious and decimate it. I will make him wish himself dead, and then I will kill him. There will be no further escalation.
-greed: like all pirates, I love treasure and have set out to find them. In particular, I have an insatiable desire for a rifle and a revolver like my mother and father respectively wield.

-In most situations I will be calm, analytical, thoughtful, and even kind. I dualistically hold the sense of brotherhood and selfishness innate to all pirates. So, I will be initially selfish but grow to trust and rely on my teammates (particularly David. We will own our own airship if the all mighty dungeon master allows it)
-In terms of simple characterizations, I am probably on the line between lawful neutral and lawful evil. I have my sense of morals that involve protecting those I trust at any cost. But, I will do so without any regard for the humanity or decency. I have a creed, and, while I am not a cruel man (quite the opposite), I have no reservations about breaking out the thumb screws.
-The one situation where this changes is if information arises about the man/women who ordered my father’s maiming. I will hunt down the source of such leads like a bloodhound hunts his mark. If such a point in our campaign arises, the gloves come off and when they finally come back on, they will conceal crimson stained hands.
-I will also peruse relic weapons relentlessly, but such quests will not alter my personality.

-If it wasn’t clear, I am a half-elf rogue that intends to specialize (at least in terms of attacks) in ranged weapons.


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